Are you looking for a new hobby in the new year? We are always looking to add volunteers to our team! The Winter Park Library has over 200 volunteers that donate their time and talents to make sure that things are running smoothly. Whatever your interest might be, we have a place for you - some positions include working in The New Leaf Bookstore, beautifying the library grounds, helping with children's programs, volunteering at special events, and restocking our shelves with books, DVDs, and CDs. If you are seeking an opportunity to use your talents and expertise and learn new skills while making new friends then volunteering at the library is for you. 

Still on the fence? Just read this testimonial from one of our current volunteers:

How I Became a New Leaf Volunteer

Once upon a time, I found myself retired from gainful employment and its imposed routine, just mostly sitting on my duff, flitting from one long-delayed project to another, when my very wise and perceptive daughter pointed me to the library book store. I was voluntold to go sell some books for a good cause. It was a great day.

Contacting Linda she explained the shift days and times and asked what shift I might prefer. When I suggested Tuesday afternoon she said that was a good choice because Joanne would be working with me, and that she would be a very good teacher. Indeed that proved to be very true. Joanne never seems to rest for three hours of her shift, always finding something to do. No detail escapes her notice. No out of place book is safe from her gaze. She runs the store like it's 

 And, as a bonus, I found myself working with the amazing Jill. I soon discovered that she is something of a Renaissance woman. Jill is a woman of many parts with an interesting personal history. I also discovered that the New Leaf Bookstore is only one of the several beneficiaries of her volunteer time. And to top it all off she disdains an automobile for a bicycle. Usually, we can count on Jill to immediately check all the reserved books to make sure they are not beyond the pickup date. These delaying customers receive a firm, but gentle, reminder that they need to get in if they really want what they have laid aside.

So now I look forward to my Tuesdays with Joanne and Jill and the amazing assortment of beautiful books for such paltry sums. As a book lover of a certain age who had been planning to start purging his bookshelves, I now find myself purchasing a book or two almost every week. I cannot purge faster than they come in. It is such a wonderful experience to hold a book in my hands and realize that someone from any point in history can transfer their thoughts to me from the pages before me (Thank you Mr. Gutenberg!) I suppose that when I finally shuffle off my mortal coil my books will return once again to the New Leaf Bookstore, some still bearing their
 little colored dots. 

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