On Track for 21st Century Best Practices

This week, a worldwide expert in libraries came out with a list of best practices for innovating libraries and we're already on track to address each one.

The Knight Foundation recently sent a delegation of US library professionals to an international conference investigating innovation in the new century. Upon their return, they highlighted a list of key lessons librarians around the world have identified for libraries striving to innovate. These five lessons illuminate a pathway to addressing information challenges and creating opportunities for communities to engage with information, new ideas and each other. It’s validating to know that all five have been discussed as part of our visioning for the new WPPL and are sure to be central as the process continues.

The article “Five Lessons for Libraries Looking to Innovate in the 21st Century” is a quick read, and does an excellent job of succinctly explaining  each lesson. We hope you’ll take five minutes to be inspired by them, but here’s the CliffsNotes version:
1. People need libraries to be more than information repositories.
2. Libraries can play a key role in preserving and strengthening our democracy.
3. The ways in which librarians perceive and interact with the public is a key determinant of a library’s success.
4. Embracing innovation and collaboration and admitting failures are key to a library’s success.
5. Libraries can play a leadership role in revitalizing and sustaining communities.

We are confident in our planning processes, but it's nice to have vaildation that we're headed in the right direction.

August 2, 2017