STEM Lab - Crystal Garden

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Age: K-4

All new registrations will be placed on the waitlist, and there are 5 waitlist seats remaining.

K4 - Grade 5. Take part in hands-on, minds-on exploration of science, technology, engineering and math concepts. Together we'll explore, create and discover through challenges, experiments and projects.

This is a virtual class. Enroll your child to reserve a project kit and to receive the virtual class link. Enroll child below (please include an email address for enrollment) or call 407-623-3300 ext. 4 for more information.

Supplies needed from home: ammonia, salt, hot water, container, food coloring, (the library will supply laundry bluing, sponges). If you only need the class link for this session please note on the form below to allow room for other participants.

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