Singled Out for All the Right Reasons

In case you missed it, the WPPL was name-checked on a nationally syndicated NPR program discussing the future of libraries. Staff heard from friends and family, both local and from California, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, who heard Aspen Institute’s Amy Garmer name the Winter Park Public Library as a national example of how libraries can collaborate with their community. Amy said:

You see the Library working with the Winter Park Health Foundation to create resources in the new health center that is being built there. You see them reaching out and working … with the rec department or other foundations and businesses. They are working with educators across the community and the local Chamber of Commerce.

 I think it is really about stepping outside those doors of the library and opening up some conversations and asking what is going on in the community.” – Amy Garmer

We are grateful and excited to be publically recognized for our leadership in this area.

You can listen to the entire podcast at

July 26, 2017