Say It With Art - The Boy Who Drew Birds

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Age: K-4, Tween
Allowed Grades: Kindergarten to 7th Grade
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Hello Students, Since the Library is currently closed I have provided resources for kids on the topic of John James Audubon. Sign up below and start to explore the online resources listed here with your family. Have fun! Evelyn Malles, 

National Audubon Society - Activities and DIY Here is a variety of activities from making your yard bird friendly to building a birdhouse. On this same website find the FAQs about birds and information about binoculars. You will find a video by the artist  David Sibley on how to draw an owl:

Life of John James Audubon Discover a safe search engine just for young people. This article provided by Kiddle provides information about John James Audubon and includes many photos of his artwork. 

Visit the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove Pennsylvania: Learn more about John James Audubon, listen to bird calls and watch many videos about John James Audobon, see the resident bird ambassadors, and much more.

Learn From a Scientific Illustrator: Visit the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and see the mural called the “Wall of Birds”. It is a map of the world with images of birds from each continent including extinct birds. Watch a video of scientific illustrator Jane Kim drawing studies of the birds and painting the mural. Learn more details about each bird in the mural and many more bird facts. 

Bird Banding at Patuxent Wildlife Research Center:
John James Audubon was one of the first ornithologist to band birds. Visit a bird banding station and see photographs of scientists collecting birds and applying bands for the purpose of monitoring migration.