Curriculum Proposal

If you do not have an organization name, type NA.

Here's How It Works

The Library partners with various organizations for mutual benegit to morote library goals and the partnering organization's goals. The purpose of library-sponosred classes and events is to support the Library's mission and embrace its core values.

  • Partnerships for classes or events are approved based on the following guidelines:
  • Enhances the Library's role as a learning and cultural center for the community
  • Provides informational, historical or cultural topics with unbiased instruction
  • Provides learning for various age groups, cultures or interests
  • Recognizes and responds to current issues facing the community
  • Free and open to all, with exceptions at the Library's discretion

Library Responsibilities

  • Provide space for the class or event at no charge if the partnerhsip is approved
  • Create posters, fluers or other promotional advertising to be displayed in the Library and online
  • Include this event in the Library's event calendar and general library publicity efforts

Partner Responsibilities

  • Provide content approved by the Library
  • Promote the class or event within you organization or other current avenues using library-created materials
  • Provide any materials necessary for the class or event
  • Provide the Library accesss to any materials needed for publicity efforts