By Our Very Nature, We Serve Everyone


By our very nature, we serve everyone. Our doors are open to each member of our community who needs or wants our services, regardless of age, race, gender identity, wealth, health, ability or sexual orientation. It is part of our mission to treat every person who walks or rolls through our doors with respect and dignity because they are members of our community, they are fellow human beings, and they are fellow travelers on the journey.

We are heartbroken over the weekend tragedy at Pulse in Orlando and for this open attack on Central Florida’s vibrant and vital LGBTQ community. In times like these, it’s hard to know how we can help, but our librarians and staff are ready to help in any way they can: finding resources patrons need to process and heal from the attack, assisting parents in finding books that might help explain these complicated situations t children, providing a quiet place away from the talking heads on TV, or being the source for a book or movie or favorite album that allows escape for a little while.

Of course we hope that, long term, our mission of informing, entertaining and enlightening has an even greater effect. Perhaps by providing opportunities for people to be exposed to new information, new ideas, new cultures, and new perspectives, we can play some small part in building greater respect, compassion and caring. 

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