Suggest A Title

Here's How It Works

We welcome suggestions for items to be included in our collection but due to the overwhelming popularity of some newly released titles, we have made the following change in order to make the best use of our staff time:

We cannot automatically place holds for patrons who suggest them.

  • When a suggested item is ordered by the Library, it will be listed in our catalog as being “On Order.” At that time full service patrons can access the listing to place a hold themselves. They can also ask a staff member to do so for them once the item is publicly listed in the catalog.
  • Staff can no longer maintain lists of individuals waiting for an item BEFORE it is in the catalog.
  • This change does not affect the process for suggesting downloadable titles from our OverDrive service.

Suggested titles must be less than one year old. If the title is older and is a book, use the interlibrary loan service. If you have a reciprocal card, please contact your home library with your suggestion.