Our Next Chapter

Learn. Discover. Access.

A 21st century library is a magnetic, vibrant, interactive place of experience.

Our library's core mission has always been to educate people of all ages.

Whether it’s learning to read or learning how to use the latest technological device; whether you need to be ready for kindergarten, college, or your next job; whether you want to start a business or learn skills for a new hobby, the library has materials, classes, services and people to help you accomplish your educational goals throughout your entire lifetime. We're excited that the journey for a 21st century library for Winter Park is finally underway.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the City's website where you can see concept designs, presentations, and videos. 


The library is an essential partner in early literacy. An expanded facility allows us to have much more material for early readers, more material to keep children and teens engaged in reading and more material in various formats for all ages.

Maker/Creative Spaces

allow patrons to bring to life their creative dreams. All types of equipment allow patrons to create 3d models, videos, audio recordings, graphics, and other personalized content.

Library of Things

The new library will become a bigger community hub, home to a kaleidoscope of people & projects with the abliity to check out more than books. Musical instruments, sewing machines, tools, fishing poles, drones, whatever the community needs -- expanding the idea of a sharing economy.

Business Center

Today’s entrepreneur can be a 10-year-old boy making bow ties to a 64-year-old creator of Digicamhelp.com. Entrepreneurship is growing more than ever. A new library can support and encourage this new class of businesses.

Cultural Center

This new space offers opportunities for more educational, cultural events like musical performances or prominent guest speakers. Our residents can share, perform, create and display their works in a stunning venue with strong community support.

Dedicated Computer Labs

Updating your computer skills is a fact of life in 2015. Technology changes frequently and new apps are being written everyday. It's essential for you to stay current in today's knowledge economy.

Meeting Spaces

A 21st century library is about collaboration, conversations and the serendipitness of meeting people who enhance your life. It could be your neighbor, someone who is is an simlar business as you or a complementing business.

Lifelong Learning

We can support the future of learning anywhere, anytime. The new facility would have high speed broadband fiber to allow students of any age to access information, education, instructors worldwide.

Local History Center

Future generations shouldn't lose the opportunity to learn, discover and experience Winter Park's history. A new facility with climate-controlled learning spaces and interactive technology and exhibits can preserve our shared past and make history come alive.