Gabe and his bride of 60 years, Trish, have always been voracious readers, and the familiar voice from the reference desk called to say the New York Times bestseller books they signed up for have arrived. Being able to indulge their love of the printed word, Gabe and Trish have saved a small fortune in book purchases by utilizing the resources of the Winter Park Public Library at the Winter Park Canopy.

They have a date to meet outside at Lake Mendsen to enjoy the park's scenery. 

Gabe decides to go a little early to read today’s New York Times and runs into some of his friends while Trish finishes up as a library volunteer sorting book donations in the library’s New Leaf Bookstore. Gabe brought up an article he had just read about virtual reality. A lifelong student of learning, Gabe has always been fascinated by technology and asked his friends in the café if they understood what all the hubbub is about with virtual reality.

A library technology staffer overheard their conversation and invited Gabe for a virtual reality demo in the library’s Maker Space lab. The tech staffer has Gabe sit down at one of the virtual reality stations and sets up a program for him to experience. Fascinated, Gabe wanted to learn more, and learned that the library offers free virtual reality classes on Wednesday morning. So, he signs up for the class on the spot and goes to the library Great Hall to persuade three of his buddies to sign up as well. They are all happy that the class is offered in the morning so they won’t have to compete with the younger generations for elbow space.

It’s 10:00 am and time to meet Trish, Gabe finds a seat outside, next to the expansive windows that look onto Martin Luther King, Jr. Park. Gabe marvels at the library and the civic campus, thinking to himself what an asset it is for residents like he and Trish.

With a spring in her step, Trish arrives, and they sit comfortably talking about their morning as the bustle of the outdoors goes on around them. On their way out, they stop by the Reference Desk, pick up their reserved books and head home - books in hand and class scheduled.