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Bookstore Volunteers

Currently thirty-five loyal volunteers serve as cashiers, sorters, and shelvers. Several have worked at the Bookstore ever since it opened in 1995. We are always looking for new volunteers. Apply online today!

Bookstore Donations

The New Leaf Bookstore is sustained by generous neighbors who contribute books, records, magazines, DVDs, and other items for sale.  Donors may bring books to the Library at any time.  If the Bookstore is not open, the Circulation Desk is happy to accept donations. Learn more.


Monday : 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday - Thursday : 9am - 6pm
Friday & Saturday : 10am - 4pm
Sunday : 1pm - 4pm

407-623-3300, ext. 110

The New Leaf is open 48 hours each week. It is closed on Holidays when the Library is closed.

Back to School, 1996

Independence Day, 1996

Christmas, 1997

Antique Fare, 1997