The New Building – What Happens When?

We know the burning question for many of you regarding the new building is: WHEN.

When, when, when will you finally get to use the incredible 21st century wonder we are hard at work to give our community? Well remember that anything worth doing takes time and this particular project has a lot of steps to it. But with the caveat that this is a complex process and delays are possible, here’s a rough idea of what to expect.

Programming Phase – Decisions about what the areas and functions the new building will house and how much space for each.
Completed: July 2017

Conceptual Design – The answer to the question “what will the building look like.” You will see a rendering of the outside and a simple floor plan.
Target Completion: September 2017. The design will be presented to the community September 27.

Schematic Design – Using the conceptual design, they further the design, incorporating the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and other systems that are integral to operations. The results of this phase are submitted to Planning & Zoning for approval.
Target Completion: Late 2017

Design Development – Refinement of the schematic design, adding detail and more specificity to the plans for the integral systems of the facility.
Target Completion: Late winter 2018

Construction Drawings – Every detail of the design is included. These are presented to the City for permitting and the contractors who will build from them.
Target Completion: Late summer 2018

Groundbreaking – Construction begins
Target Completion: Fall 2018

Construction – Estimated 14-month process.
Target Completion: Fall 2019

Move-in and Staff Training – Estimated one month to move materials, bring library systems online and train staff.
Target Completion: Early 2020

Opening: Early 2020

So there you have it. A very rough idea of how the construction process will flow and when it will happen.


August 8, 2017