Winter Park Public Library (WPPL) recently introduced to their digital checkout program, “Playaway Launchpads,” for young patrons up to age 7.  These pre-loaded tablets are now available for parents on a complimentary basis to take with them when they leave the library so their children can enjoy learning on the go. The Playaway Launchpad program is part of WPPL’s ongoing initiative to increase early literacy, enhance school readiness and help bridge the digital divide by offering equal access to technology for all families.  

“The launchpads are an extension of learning so parents can use digital educational tools to enhance their children’s academic development,” said Shanna Kuster, WPPL children’s librarian. “We hear from our parents about how excited they are to now have these fun and engaging tools to offer their kids so even while driving around town doing errands, their younger children can play on a math app or app that helps build reading skills.  It’s a way to learn while having fun,” added Kuster.

Each Launchpad comes marked for ages 3-5 or 5-7.  The “I Can Build That!” tablet is geared for younger preschool age children and features apps like BioMio – My First Biology, Frosty Block Puzzle, GazziliShapes and My First 10monkeys Math.  The tablet for kindergarten to second grade age kids, “Put It Together!” offers amazing apps such as Live Puzzle! Tickety Toc Bubble Time, Dinosaur Games for Kids, and Junkyard Jam, all designed to boost math, science, and literacy skills.

The tablets have also been designed with a simple, easy to use interface.  They are encased in a durable and protective bumper and feature 7” screens with double tempered glass. The tablets are 100% secure, do not need Wi-Fi or download time because of an innovative one-touch reset feature making them simple to pass from patron to patron. 

The Playaway Launchpads can be found in the new Children’s DVDs section on the second floor of the WPPL. There is a limit of 1 checkout per account with a one-week checkout period for each. The Playaway Launchpads need to be personally returned at the WPPL circulation desk to avoid damaging the tablets using the library drop boxes.