Global Peace Film Festival

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Program Type: Films & Music
Age: Teen, Adult

 Sept. 20 has been called as a global “Children’s Strike for Climate” for young people who support the young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg’s climate strikes. In support of their actions, all the films we’re programming on Friday are related to the environment.

6PM - Three films are in this program:

A Living Earth

Belgium, 2018, 52 mins, Director: Luc Dechamps

Sustainable ecosystems are talked about, but few are living it. A year in the life of permaculture is captured by Luc Dechamp’s camera watching from the heights of Spa, the work at the Belgian Desnie Farm School, a self-sustaining community thriving on permaculture.


Plant the Seed

USA, 2018, 11 mins, Director: Taina Asili

Music video about black farmer and educator Leah Penniman and her journey to become the founder of Soul Fire Farm, a national leader in the food justice movement.


The Plummery
Australia, 2019, 8 mins, Directors: Jordan Osmond & Antoinette Wilson

The Plummery is a suburban home where a backyard permaculture garden measuring only 1076 sq. ft. (100 sq/m) produces over 900 pounds (400kg) of food year-round.


8:30PM - Catching Giants
USA/South Africa, 2018, 50 minutes, Director: Ashley Scott Davison

CATCHING GIANTS is a heart-stopping film that follows the world’s preeminent giraffe researcher, Dr. Francois Deacon, as he attempts to put GPS collars on 20 giraffes, including ten males, which have never been collared and that we know so little about.  The film takes viewers on an incredible journey alongside the conservationists in their quest to learn more about giraffes. For Francois and his family, catching and saving Africa’s giants is not just a passion but their mission.