Global Peace Film Festival

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Age: Teen, Adult

12:30 PM - Playing Frisbee in North Korea, 2018, USA, 86 min

Calling the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, fat can get you killed in North Korea. Any other complaints about daily life there gets North Koreans incarcerated in brutal work camps. What harm could come from playing Frisbee?

3:30 PM - This program has four films - three short films and an hour-long film - with a total runtime of 82 minutes.  The short films will play first, followed by Counter Histories: Rock Hill.  -

The Equal Justice Initiative, 2016, USA, 5 mins

Director: Gabriel Diamond

The US has the world’s highest incarceration rate, with nearly a third of young black men under some form of criminal justice control. Seeking freedom for the unjustly imprisoned and reform of the system, Bryan Stevenson and Equal Justice Initiative start with research, share insights with key audiences, and litigate cases with potentially broad impact. EJI has won relief for hundreds of wrongfully convicted people, successfully argued before the Supreme Court to end life-without-parole sentences for children, challenged excessive sentencing, and more.


The History of White People, USA, 2018, 8 mins
Directors: Ed Belt, Clementine Briand, Jon Halperin, Pirece Freelon, Aaron Keane, Drew Takahashi

The invention of race in America gets an animated, musical treatment.


Shelbyville Says NO!, 2017, USA, 9 mins

Director: David Earnhardt

On October 28, 2017 in Shelbyville, Tennessee, 150 Nazis, Klansmen, and white supremacists held a rally to build support for their hateful ideology. But 750 loud and enthusiastic counter-protesters were waiting to let them know in no uncertain terms that they were NOT welcome in Shelbyville. Directed, photographed and edited by award-winning Nashville-based filmmaker, David Earnhardt, this powerful short film shows what happens when a large group of committed citizens band together to say NO to hate. 

The director and producer plan to attend the festival


Counter Histories: Rock Hill, 2017, USA, 60 mins

Director: Fr3deR1ck

Nine young black men exercise their power to change history. It’s 1961 and the Civil Rights movement is stalled with protests, arrests, bailouts and then a return to life as usual in the segregated South. Students at a small Baptist College in Rock Hill, SC decide to sit in at their local lunch counter, get arrested, go to jail and stay there. It’s a test case that brings national attention to the movement and changes strategy. A little-known story in a well-chronicled history, Counter Histories: Rock Hill breaks with documentary conventions to connect with a new audience and tie the historical movement to present day struggles. 

The director plans to attend the festival

6 PM - Seats at the Table, 2017, USA, 92 mins
Director: Chris Farina

Seats at the Table is a feature documentary that depicts a unique college class, Books Behind Bars: Life, Literature and Leadership, founded by University of Virginia Lecturer Andrew D. Kaufman, which brings together university students with residents of a maximum-security juvenile correctional center through the study of Russian literature.  These student-to-student interactions become the catalyst for creating powerful relationships that break down the initial stereotypes they have as they begin this class. Both group of students come away transformed by this singular educational experience, inspired by the discovery of their shared humanity to pursue lives of greater purpose.

 Director Chris Farina may attend (not confirmed).

8:30 PM - This is a program of three films, total running time of 94 minutes.  We expect Matthieu Faure to attend (not yet confirmed).

An Edited Life, 2018, France/Poland/USA, 42 mins

Director: Mathieu Faure

At 79-years old, former film editor Jocelyne Bourgeois is goaded, coaxed, challenged by her persistent filmmaker grandson, to face her true identity, because it is the story of both grandmother and grandson. Together, they embark to the places she has avoided since World War II, putting back the scenes she edited out. Facing this deleted past is painful but a life changing gift for both.

The director plans to attend the festibal


The Girl and the Picture, 2018, US/China, 39 mins

Director: Vanessa Roth

The Girl and The Picture is a story of loss, legacy, and the power to change the future; about family and the memories we leave behind. The story began 80 years ago in 1937, when eight-year-old Xia Shuqin witnessed the murder of her family in the Nanjing Massacre. American missionary John Magee filmed her standing in front of what was once her family home. The Girl and The Picture, brings together direct descendants of this history as Madam Xia, now 88, shares her legacy of loss and survival with her granddaughter and great-grandson, and with the grandson of the missionary who captured her image eight decades ago.


Flying Lessons, 2018, USA,13 mins

Director: Andrea Weiss

A personal essay about the director’s father: an American Jew who had lost his European family in the Holocaust, he was a pilot who flew the Berlin Airlift in 1948-49, in response to the Soviet Union’s blockade of West Berlin in the first major crisis of the Cold War.  Why would he risk his life to feed starving Germans whom the Allies had just defeated? Flying Lessons looks at the largest humanitarian relief effort in modern history and ultimately asks: what is the responsibility of the individual in times of political crisis?