Global Peace Film Festival

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Program Type: Films & Music
Age: Adult

The 2021 Global Peace Film Festival returns to the Winter Park Library featuring films from diverse perspectives and from across the globe. Visit to view the complete movie schedule and purchase tickets. Presented by: Winter Park Library in partnership with The Global Peace Film Festival.


UK/Canada/Kenya – 2021 – 93 mins. Directors: Janet Wells, Mwaura Timothy. Producers: Nina Ruiz, Janet Wells

‘Sleeping Warrior’ is about the first female African Lacrosse team. The film follows these young women from their homes in Kenya to the World Championships in Canada and shows how an unimaginable opportunity transforms their humble lives. From getting their first passports, to discovering how their friends and families react, we learn how the power of sport changes these young women. There is heartbreak, joy and always strength of spirit. During the course of filming, one player discovered that her deceased mother might be alive after all, so we follow her dramatic journey to find her real family. The title comes from a mountain the girls train under in Kenya called ‘Sleeping Warrior’ and these young women are so strong, yet have been oppressed their whole lives, they are truly warriors.




USA – 2021 – 51 mins. Directors: David Levine, James Fossett. Producer: David Levine

Finding Howard tells the true story of how a song changed the life of educator and musician David Levine and the thousands of students with whom he has worked in schools and communities across the United States. The song, written by Nashville songwriter Lee Domann, tells the story of Lee’s classmate, Howard Ray, who was a social outcast and ridiculed by his peers. In his song, Lee looks back with regret at an incident in which he didn’t attempt to help Howard as he was being physically harassed by others. The film tracks Lee’s life through the emotional memories of his childhood to the writing of the song, and his reunion with Howard thirty years later. Finding Howard is a call to action for the creation of caring and compassionate learning communities where children feel safe, understood and heard.


USA – 2020 – 26 mins. Director: Jordan Mahy. Producers: Mark Slagle, Tyler Jones, Alex Kirby

Public schools in Birmingham, Alabama are facing historic, systemic challenges as a local grassroots moment attempts to foster equitable change by doing something radical: listening.


USA – 2021 – 4 mins. Directors: Sarah Klein, Tom Mason. Producer: Heather Martino

How do you fight an enemy you cannot see? This is the story of AKeem Rollins, known for his viral slam poetry piece “Suicide Note,” and how he faced the greatest challenge of his life and found strength he never knew he had. The three-part docuseries Out of the Dark, showcases the personal journeys of some of the most influential mental health activists. Each short film takes an in-depth look at the struggles these young leaders overcame, the impact of their work, and their continuing journeys.



USA – 2021 – 80 mins. Director: Emmett Brennan. Producers: Emmett Brennan, Nicholas Brennan

The conditions that make life possible are rapidly changing. Reckoning with this reality on the cusp of another dry season that may very well ravage his community, 30-year old filmmaker Emmett Brennan embarks on a remarkable journey to find stories of hope and healing. Emmett sets out to walk 200 miles next to the iconic but aging Los Angeles aqueduct, where he encounters ecological iconoclasts, indigenous voices, and permaculture designers who are challenging the status quo on how we use Earth's most precious resource. The film delves into a profound and far-reaching look at our relationship with water and offers a vision for what could happen if we designed our lives around it in a radically different way. The film takes a refreshing approach to confronting our current environmental and systematic troubles, showing how Los Angeles and other parts of California are bellwethers for change. With voices and stories that speak to today's younger generations, Reflection is both a personal meditation on water as well as a practical road map for positive change.




Germany – 2021 – 97 mins. Director/Producer: Hille Norden

When Saher fled Syria overnight in 2015, he was sure he would be able to bring his wife Lubna and his two sons to Germany very quickly. But then family reunification was suspended and a long period of waiting began. The lawyer from Salamiyya quickly integrates, finds work, learns German and makes friends. Among them Insa, the mother of director Hille Norden. After four years, when hope is almost lost, finally the good news: Saher's family will be arriving soon! The joy is great, but so are the worries: what will happen when Saher, who has known and loved the Germans for four years, meets his family, who have had to live without him for so long and have experienced four more years of war. SOUL SETTLEMENT accompanies Saher, Lubna, Melad (13) and Zeen (10) and Insa over the course of their first year together. The film shows the consequences of involuntary separation and uprooting and lovingly discusses the possibilities and limits of integration in the context of an intimate family portrait.


USA – 2019 – 15 mins. Director: Joan Stein. Producers: Laith Nakli, Alex Peace

Award-winning film about a Syrian family who has recently resettled on Long Island and is dealing with the aftermath of war and personal tragedy.