Endorsements for New Library and Events Center

Voters have to make their own choices but sometimes it’s helpful to know how others in the community weigh in. Many of your friends and neighbors have stepped forward to say that they support the bond referendum to support a new library, events center and parking. Scroll through and see if you recognize any names…

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Community Experts:
Stephen Pategas, sustainability expert and landscape architect
Kevin Ratigan, 30+ years in sustainable architecture
Joie Cadle, Orange County School Board
All 13 professional librarians on staff at the WPPL

Business Endorsements:
Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
Park Avenue Merchants Association
Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association

Community Publications Endorsements:
The Park Press
Winter Park-Maitland Observer

These community leaders:

Thad Seymour, former president of Rollins College
Winter Park certainly needs a new library facility, and our goal should be a library that meets present needs and future possibilities.

Mary Daniels, Hannibal Square Heritage Center
I support a new library because this is an educational facility for all residents.

Bob Melanson, WPPL Director, 1987 – 2013
This plan for a new library building will allow the Library to fulfill its full potential in bringing to the residents of Winter Park the ever needed services the Library provides.  The beautiful setting in Martin Luther Jr. Park; the proximity to Valencia College; the ample parking pavilion; the expanded space for materials, meetings, educational programs; the exciting learning opportunities for children and teens; all support the community’s need for a new, larger facility. The plan has my full endorsement.

Barbara Chandler, business owner
I am in support of the new Winter Park Public Library; the library continues to provide educational programming and accessible resources to the community at large.

Christine Williams, Winter Park resident and mother of two
You can tell so much about a community by how it prioritizes its investments. By providing the Winter Park Public Library with a new and improved home, the City of Winter Park is wisely investing in what I believe to be one of the community’s most universally valuable and accessible resources. One of the best ways Winter Park can prepare for the future is by providing for its citizens a public library that reflects the values and standards of the community it serves.

Carolyn Jeffries, Assistant Director, Winter Park Public Library 1979 – 2007, current patron
After working for the Winter Park Library for 28 years, I know the one certainty is that the residents of Winter Park make very good use of their library. Lack of space is an issue that forces extensive, unnecessary weeding of materials to keep pace with the acquisition of new materials. Meeting space for does not meet the demand of the community and new service possibilities are limited because of lack of space. I would encourage residents to support the new library and events center as a worthwhile investment.

Rhonda Loft, President of Vanson Enterprises
I have been a resident of Winter Park for almost 34 years. The Library has been a very important part of my family’s life, now my adult children are raising their own families here. My grandchildren need and deserve a quality library that provides diverse learning experiences that prepares them for and even more diverse experiences than their parents. Traditions are important, but so is relevancy. I urge all residents to vote Yes For the Library!

Julio de Arcos, city board member and park enthusiast
I have supported the new library project whole heartedly from day one. I give my whole-hearted endorsement of the location, building and bond referendum.

AND these Winter Park friends and neighbors!

Ann Hicks Murrah
Abel Gomez
Alan Ireton
Alea Schroeder
Alex Copeland
Amy Watkins
Andrew Dubhill
Angel Roman-Ortero
Anne Geisler
Ansley Butts
Aura Valencia
Ava Simms
Barbara Hollkamp
Becky Whittaker
Beth Cocchiarella
Bob McClelland
Carl E. Creasman, Jr.
Carla Lubet
Carla Priehs
Carol Andreyev
Caroline Cox
Caroline Desormoux
Carolyn Kraft Bethel
Carrie Fugett
Cathleen Bota
Charlene Hotaling
Charles Bethel
Cheryl Bogdanowitsch
Chip Weston
Christy Manning
Christy Voll
Clay Miller
Cory Baden
Daniel Butts
Daniel McIntosh
Danny Humphress
Dave Cocchiarella
David Acomb
David McGuffin
David N. Torre
Day Gigliotti
Debbie Komanski
Debbie Lawton
Debra Lupton
Deidra Pittman
Denise Hatcher
Denise Tabernuro
Derrick Cox
Donna Marchman
Dorianne McNeil
Doug Marks
Dustin King
Elizabeth Stewart
Emily Cook
Eric Foglesong
Fiona Wollard
Flory Clark
Gail Cox
Gary Barker
Gary Brewer
Gene Sullivan
George Knecht
George Sprinkel
Hannah Miller
Jan Walker
Jeffrey Blydenburgh
Jeffry Jontz
Jenn Russo
Jenna Lindsey
Jennifer Freeman
Jennifer Mercado
Jennifer Mills
Jessica deArcos
Jessica Lopez-Spence
Joann Marks
John Awsumb
John Charles McMillan, III
Joie Cadle
Joseph Schulz
Judi Awsumb
Juliano Vieira

Allie Miller
Amara Checchio
Amy Angert
Amy Raub
K.C. Angert
Karen Miller
Kathy Cox
Katie Hinderliter
Kevin Barnikel
Kip Marchman
Kirk Nalley
Larry Walker
Lauren Sigman
Laurie Fuller
Leonard Feinberg
Linda Beaty
Linda Heinl
Linda Zujus
Lisa Ireton
Lisa Nix
Liz Bradley
Liz McIntosh
Lorraine Lock-Barnikel
Mark L. Van Valkenburgh
Mark Lemieux
Mark Psarakis
Marnie Forestieri
Martin Prague
Marty Clark
Mary Alarcon
Mary Weldon
Melissa Hauck
Melody Apuan
Meredith Sand
Meredith Wellmeier
Michael Barnes
Michael Voll
Mike Ostendorf
Mistie Watkins
Neda Khosravani
Nicole Barnes
Nicole Oquendo
Oksana Wall
Pam Brandon
Pat Verso
Patricia Helman
Paul Clark
Peter Muller
Philip Fibiger
Phillip Denizard
Polly Seymour
Rachel McDaniel
Rhonda Loft
Richard Russell
Robert Suchor
Ross Kerr
Russell Dishman
Ryan Bowden
Ryan Wollard
Sally Blackmun
Samantha Goodowens
Samira Blommel
Sandra Barker
Sara Van Arsdel
Sarah Martin
Sarah Sprinkel
Stacey Cox
Stephanie Philips
Steve Brandon
Steve Simms
Sue Grafton
Tara Knecht
Terry Creighton
Thaddeus Seymour, Sr.
Tom Acomb
Tom Hiles
Tomas Kohn
Trish Gallagher
Valerie Francis


March 10, 2016

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