Book Box Service for Teens

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Program Type: Authors & Book Clubs
Age: Teen

All June Teen Book Boxes have been claimed. Enrollment for July will be available beginning July 1.

Have you heard about subscription services like OwlCrate or Once Upon a Book Club? For a monthly fee, these services send you a package containing one book and a few treats to go along with it.

Winter Park Library has rolled out a similar service just for teens and tweens! Best of all, our service is completely FREE!

Readers in rising grades 5-12 can sign up each month to get one of these book boxes. Each box will contain one surprise book (selected especially for you based on your input) and a selection of snacks and surprises.


Here’s how it works:

Step 1: If you would like to get one of these boxes, fill out a short form telling us the kinds of things you like to read (or like in general).  This is not an ongoing subscription!  Sign up at the beginning of each month to receive your box and skip any month where you don’t want one.

Step 2: We pick out a book that we think you’ll love and put it in one of our boxes with some fun swag.

Step 3: You will receive an email when your box is checked out and ready to be picked up. Boxes can be picked up curbside. You will have one week to pick up your book box.

Step 4: When you’re done with your book and the box, please return both to the library.  The book box cannot be returned through the book drop; please hand it to a staff member.  The box and the book inside will be due back at the library three weeks after you check them out.  The rest of the box’s contents are yours to keep!

Subscription boxes are available while supplies last.