Borrow the Internet and Take It with You

Have you ever been on vacation and been frustrated by slow or nonexistent Wi-Fi? Ever been on a long car ride with kids without enough data-enabled devices -- or maybe you have enough devices but stressed about data overage charges? Worry no more because the WPPL is now checking out high-speed Wi-Fi hotspots to all holders of a full service WPPL card.

Each hotspot provides 4G LTE speed Wi-Fi with unlimited data and can be checked out for one week at a time. The hotspots are password protected, providing security for your information transmitted. Up to 15 devices can be connected at a time. Each card holder can check out one hotspot per month. The devices use the T-Mobile wireless network, providing excellent coverage in most of Florida and across the United States.

The WPPL hotspots are great for use on business trips, for mobile sales and vending, on road trips, in your office or outdoors where home or business Wi-Fi doesn’t reach.

The hotspots are popular and can be placed on hold, though we cannot guarantee one will become available on a specific date. Once your device is available, you have one day from when you are notified to pick it up.

The WPPL hotspots join iPads and FitBit digital fitness trackers as technology we provide for free checkout by our community.  For questions about the hotspots, contact our Research Desk at 407-623-3300, ext. 3.

August 24, 2017