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The Showalter Familly Collection:
The Showalter Motorette Co.

A Motorette being pulled on a trailer circa 1946. Howard and Buck with a dead Motorette circa 1946. A Motorette advertisement dated February 22, 1946. A Motorette Company advertisement dated February 8, 1946. The Showalter Motorette Company circa 1945. The Showalter Motorette Company circa 1945. Motorette Scrapbook Page

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The Motorette Division of the Showalter Company was a means to provide a source of income until the Airpark could be built and made operational.  The Motorette was introduced in 1947 and manufactured by the Motorette Corporation of Buffalo, New York. The vehicles were primarily designed for use in a mile long aircraft plant but due to their practicality found many other useful roles.  The Motorette was powered by a one-cylinder, 4.1hp air-cooled engine that could propel the vehicle up to 39 mph.  The body of the Motorette was all aluminum with a channel construction "X" frame chassis.  Steering was done by an oval handlebar. A windscreen was optional.

The Motorette came in a number of forms.  The Model 20 was their all around vehicle; it was a 2-seater with 6 cubic feet of luggage space.  The Model 30 was also a 2-seater with its luggage capacity increased to 10 cubic feet.  Comedian Bob Hope
owned a Motorette; he wanted an "extra get-about-car."  Production of the Motorette is thought to have ceased in the early 1950s.

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Images on the page, clockwise from left are:  The Showalter Motorette Company, circa 1945;  a Motorette on a trailer, circa 1946;  Showalter Motorette Advertisement dated February 22, 1946;  Howard and Buck with a dead Motorette, circa 1946;  Showalter Motorette Advertisement dated February 8, 1946;  Showalter Motorette Company, circa 1945.

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