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The Batchelor Family Collection:
"The Seminole Winter Park Florida Booklet"

This is a promotional booklet for The (first) Seminole hotel.  Not only does it describe the hotel in great detail, including a diagram and layout of each of the hotel's floors, but it also gives an early history of Winter Park with vintage photographs of the town.

A detailed account of the view from the top of The Seminole (page 25) is fascinating to read.  The text describes a birds-eye view of the town of Winter Park, its lakes and its buildings before the turn of the century.

This booklet can be accurately dated by referencing the 1888-9 calendar for Rollins College on page 19.

The booklet's pages are in .pdf format and you will have to use Adobe® Reader® to view them.  If you do not have Adobe® Reader®, click here to download a copy.

Click on the links below to view this booklet.  Please be patient as some of the files are large and may take a few minutes to download.

The front cover and inside the front cover An aerial view of the Seminole
An aerial view of Winter Park Diagrams of the Seminole's four floors
Page 1 - 6 Pages 7 - 11
Pages 12 - 16 Pages 17 - 20
Pages 21 - 25 Pages 26 - 30
Pages 31 - 35 Pages 36 - 40
Pages 41 - 46 Winter Park map
The back cover and inside the back cover  

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