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Single Titles and Authors    
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 Do Unto Others by Jeff Abbott Play Dead by Leslie O'Kane Charlotte Armstrong  
Death, Lies and Apple Pies by Valerie Malmont Presumption of Death: A Lord Peter Wimsey Mystery by Jill Paton Walsh Marian Babson
Lie Like a Rug by Donna Huston Murray Charlie's Bones by L.L. Thrasher Jo Bannister
The Fax of Life by Leslie O'Kane   Robert Barnard


  Series  (Series titles below reflect library collection. Other titles in the series or by the author may not be owned by us.)



Jim Dandy, retired American, featured in Elderhostel Mysteries by Peter Abresch (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)  

China Bayles, Houston crime lawyer in small Texas town who opens an herb shop by Susan Wittig Albert (see Cooking Mysteries)
 1. Murder on the Lusitania 4. Murder on the Caronia 7. Murder on the Oceanic
 2. Murder on the Maurentania 5. Murder on the Marmora 8. Murder on the Celtic
 3. Murder on the Minnesota 6. Murder on the Salsette  

Albert Campion, suave London sleuth with noble blood by Margery Allingham (see British/American Aristocracy Mysteries)

Meg Langslow, decorative blacksmith by Donna Andrews (see Humorous Mysteries)

Samantha Shaw, So. CA suburban housewife & soccer mom by Jennifer Apodaca
 1. Dating Can be Murder  3. Ninja Soccer Moms 5. Thrilled to Death
 2. Dying to Meet You 4. Batteries Required  

Penny Spring & Sir Toby Glendower, British anthropologist & archaeologist by Margot Arnold (see Archaeology & Anthropology Mysteries)

Aunt Dimity, an English ghost by Nancy Atherton (see Spooky Mysteries)

Augusta Goodnight
, guardian angel by Mignon F. Ballard (see Humorous Mysteries) 

Margaret Binton, 70-something New Yorker by Richard Barth (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Agatha Raisin, retired p.r. exec. moves to the Cotswalds by M.C. Beaton (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Biggie & J. R. Weatherford, richest woman in East Texas. Her cook, Willie Mae, shares a recipe in each book by Nancy Bell
(see Cooking Mysteries)

Melanie Travis, poodle breeder by Berenson, Laurien (see Hobbies Mysteries)

Sarah & Meg Quilliam, run the Inn at Hemlock Falls by Claudia Bishop (see Cooking Mysteries)

Bernie Rhodenbarr, burglar & bookseller in New York City by Lawrence Block (see Bibliomysteries)

Clara Gamadge, widow of a detective by Eleanor Boylan (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Jim Qwilleran, Koko and Yum Yum Pick Ax:, Michigan journalist & his cats by Lilian Jackson Braun
 1. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards 12. The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal 22. The Cat Who Robbed a Bank
 2. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern 13. The Cat Who Moved a Mountain 23. The Cat Who Smelled a Rat
 3. The Cat Who Turned On and Off  14. The Cat Who Wasn't There 24. The Cat Who Went up the Creek
 4. The Cat Who Saw Red 15. The Cat Who Went Into the Closet 25. Short and Tall Tales
 5. The Cat Who Played Brahms 16. The Cat Who Came to Breakfast 26. The Cat Who Brought Down the House
 6. The Cat Who Played Post Office 17. The Cat Who Blew the Whistle 27. The Private Life of the Cat Who--
 7. Cat Who Sniffed Glue in Three Complete Novels 18. The Cat Who Said Cheese 28. The Cat Who Talked Turkey
 8. The Cat Who Had 14 Tales 19. The Cat Who Tailed a Thief 29. The Cat Who Went Bananas
 9. The Cat Who Went Underground 20. The Cat Who Sang for the Birds 30. The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
10. The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts 21. The Cat Who Saw Stars 31. The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers
11. The Cat Who Lived High    

Rachel Hennings, bookstore owner in LA by Jon Breen (see Bibliomysteries)

Melita Pargeter, widow of an English thief by Simon Brett (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Charles Paris, actor in England by Simon Brett  (see Humorous Mysteries)

Inspector Witherspoon & Mrs. Jeffries by Emily Brightwell (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Mary Minor Haristeen & Mrs. Murphy, Virginia postmistress and her animals by Rita Mae Brown (see Southern Mysteries)

Charles Wycliffe, area CID Superintendent in West Country by W.J. Burley (see British Police Mysteries A-I)

Ellie & Ben Haskell, owners of the Flowers Detection Agency by Dorothy Cannell (see Cooking Mysteries)

Dr. Gideon Fell, the "Old Lexicographer" in England by John Dickson Carr
 1. The Three Coffins in Trio   3. The Crooked Hinge in Trio 5. The Case of the Constant Suicides in Trio
 2. The Arabian Nights Murder in Three Detective
4. The Problem of the Wire Cage in Three Detective Novels 6. He Who Whispers
        Other titles in series

Miss Emily D. Seeton, retired British art teacher in Kent, England by Heron Carvic & Hamilton Crane (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Hilary Tamar, medieval Oxford professor by Sarah Caudwell (see Humorous Mysteries)

Hollis Ball & Her Ex-Husband's Ghost by Helen Chappell (see Spooky Mysteries)

Father Brown, gentle English cleric by G.K. Chesteron
 1. The Innocence of Father Brown 3. The Incredulity of Father Brown 5. The Scandal of Father Brown
 2. The Wisdom of Father Brown 4. The Secret of Father Brown  

Theodosia Browning, Teashop mysteries in Charleston by Laura Childs (see Southern Mysteries)

Charlie Plato, country-western tavern owner in San Francisco by Margaret (Meg) Chittenden
 1. Dying to Sing 3. Dead Beat and Deadly 5. Dying to See You
 2. Dead Men Don't Dance 4. Don't Forget to Die  

Miss Jane Marple, spinster living in St. Mary's Mead, England by Agatha Christie (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Hercule Poirot, private detective in London by Agatha Christie
 1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles 12.  Cards on the Table 23. Hickory Dickory Death
 2. Murder on the Links 13. Death on the Nile 24. Dead Man's Folly in Agatha Christie's Detectives
 3. Poirot Investigates 14. Dead Man's Mirror (audio book)  25. Cat Among the Pigeons
 4. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (audio book) 15. Appointment With Death in Postmark: Murder 26. The Clocks
 5. The Mystery of the Blue Train 16. Sad Cypress in Agatha Christ's Detectives 27. Third Girl
 6. Lord Edgware Dies (aka Thirteen at Dinner) 17. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe 28. Hallowe'en Party
 7. Three Act Tragedy 18. Evil Under the Sun in Murder International 29. Elephants Can Remember
 8. Murder on the Orient Express 19. The Labors of Hercules 30. Hercule Poirot's Early Cases
 9. Death in the Clouds 20. There is a Tide 31. Curtain
10. The ABC Murders 21. Blood Will Tell       Other titles in series
11. Murder in Mesopotamia in Postmark: Murder 22. After the Funeral in Funerals are Fatal  

Jane Jeffrey, Chicago housewife/sleuth by Jill Churchill (see Humorous Mysteries)

Charlotte LaRue, New Orleans housecleaner by Barbara Colley (see Southern Mysteries)

Tish McWhinny, a 70-something Vermont artist and painter by Barbara Comfort (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Holly Winter, dog trainer and magazine columnist by Susan Conant (see Hobbies Mysteries)

Willow King, romance novelist in London by Natasha Cooper (see Bibliomysteries)

Gervase Fen, professor of Language & Literature at Oxford by Edmund Crispin (see Academic Mysteries)

Kate Fansler, English professor in New York by Amanda Cross (see Academic Mysteries)

Emma Lord, newspaper owner & editor in Alpine, WA by Mary Daheim
 1. The  Alpine Advocate 6. The Alpine Menace 11. The Alpine Traitor
 2. The Alpine Betrayal 7. The Alpine Obituary 12. The Alpine Uproar
 3. The Alpine Christmas 8. The Alpine Pursuit     Other titles in series
 4. The Alpine Decoy 9. The Alpine Quilt  
 5. The Alpine Icon 10. The Alpine Recluse  

Judith McMonigle, owner of the Hillside Manor Inn b&b by Mary Daheim (see Cooking Mysteries)

Henry Gamadge, author, bibliophile & forgery expert in NY by Elizabeth Daly (see Bibliomysteries)

Dorothy Martin, a transplanted American widow in England by Jeanne M. Dams (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Goldy Bear Schultz, Aspen caterer by Diane Mott Davidson (see Cooking Mysteries)

Fremont Jones, turn-of-century owner of S.F. typewriter service by Diane Day (see California Mysteries)

Neal Kelly, professor of English at a New England school by S.F.X. Dean (see Academic Mysteries)

Mama & Simone Covington, SC case worker & Atlanta paralegal by Nora DeLoach (see African American Detectives Mysteries)

Helma Zukas, Washington State librarian by Jo Dereske (see Bibliomysteries)

Daisy Dalrymple, journalist in Hampshire, England by Carola Dunn
 1. Death at Wentwater Court 8. Rattle His Bones 15. Gunpowder Plot
 2. The Winter Garden Mystery 9. To Davy Jones Below 16. The Bloody Tower
 3. Requiem for a Mezzo 10. The Case of the Murdered Muckracker 17. Black Ship
 4. Murder on the Flying Scotsman 11. Mistletoe and Murder 18. Sheer Folly  
 5. Damsel in Distress   12. Die Laughing 19. Anthem for Doomed Youth
 6. Dead in the Water 13. A Mourning Wedding 20. Gone West
 7. Styx and Stones 14. Fall of a Philanderer   

Chris Norgren, art museum curator in Seattle by Aaron Elkins (see Art Mysteries)

Gideon Oliver, forensic anthropologist by Aaron Elkins (see Archaeology & Anthropology Mysteries)

Madeline Bean, Hollywood caterer by Jerrilyn Farmer (see California Mysteries)

Andrew Basnett, retired botany professor in England by E.X. Ferrars (see Academic Mysteries)

Albenia "Benni" Harper, ex-rancher & folk art museum curator by Earlene Fowler (see Art Mysteries)

Jemima Shore, investigative TV journalist in London by Antonia Fraser
 1. Quiet as a Nun 5. Oxford Blood 8. The Cavalier Case
 2. The Wild Island 6. Jemima Shore's First Case & Other Stories 9. Jemima Shore at the Sunny Grave
 3. A Splash of Red 7. Your Royal Hostage 10. Political Death
 4. Cool Repentance    

Sister Frevisse, medieval nun in Oxfordshire, England by Margaret Frazer (see Medieval Mysteries)

Joan Spencer, symphony orchestra manager in Indiana by Sara Hoskinson Frommer
 1. Murder in C Major 3. Murder & Sullivan 5. Witness in Bishop Hill
 2. Buried in Quilts 4. The Vanishing Violinist     Other titles in series

Mary Alice Crane & Patricia Anne Hollowell, Southern sisters by Anne George (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Mrs. Emily Pollifax, grandmother and spy for CIA by Dorothy Gilman (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Jacobia Triptree, onetime financial advisor to the mob ("Home Repair is Homicide" series) by Sarah Graves
 1. Dead Cat Bounce 6. Unhinged 11. The Book of Old Houses
 2. Triple Witch 7. Mallets Aforethought 12. A Face at the Window
 3. Wicked Fix 8. Tool & Die 13. Crawlspace
 4. Repair to Her Grave 9. Nail Biter 14. Knockdown
 5. Wreck the Halls 10. Trap Door 15. Dead Level

Tess Darcy, bed-and-breakfast owner in Victoria Springs, Missouri by Jean Hager (see Cooking Mysteries)

Cora Felton, crossword creator with a nationally-syndicated column in Connecticut by Parnell Hall (see Hobbies Mysteries)

Lara McClintock, Toronto antiques dealer by Lyn Hamilton (see Archaeology & Anthropology Mysteries)

Keith Calder, gunsmith in Newton Lauder, Scotland by Gerald Hammond
 1. The Game 4. Hook or Crook 6. Follow That Gun
 2. Stray Shot   5. Sink or Swim     Other titles in series
 3. In Camera    

John Cunningham, hunting dog breeder in Scotland by Gerald Hammond
 1. Whose Dog Are You? 3.  The Curse of the Cockers 5. Twice Bitten
 2.  Give a Dog a Name 4. Mad Dogs and Scotsmen     Other titles in series

Doran Fairweather, English antiques dealer by Mollie Hardwick
 1. Malice Domestic 4. The Bandersnatch 6. The Dreaming Damozel
 2. Parson's Pleasure 5. Perish in July 7. Come Away Death
 3. Uneaseful Death    

Lily Bard, housekeeper in Shakespeare, Arkansas by Charlaine Harris
 1. Shakespeare's Landlord 3. Shakespeare's Christmas 5. Shakespeare's Counselor
 2. Shakespeare's Champion 4. Shakespeare's Trollop  

Aurora Teagarden, librarian-turned-realtor & Georgia amateur detective by Charlaine Harris (see Southern Mysteries)

Bretta Solomon, flower shop owner by Janis Harrison (see Hobbies Mysteries)

Annie Laurance & Max Darling, mystery bookstore owner & investigator by Carolyn G. Hart (see Bibliomysteries)

Henrietta O'Dwyer Collins, professor & former reporter by Carolyn G. Hart (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Jessie Arnold & Alex Jensen, sled dog racer & state trooper in Alaska by Sue Henry
 1. Murder on the Iditarod Trail 5. Deadfall 9. Cold Company
 2. Termination Dust 6. Murder on the Yukon Quest 10. Death Trap
 3. Sleeping Lady 7. Beneath the Ashes 11. Murder at Five Finger Light
 4. Death Takes Passage 8. Dead North  

Claire Malloy, small town bookstore owner in Arizona by Joan Hess (see Bibliomysteries)

Sheila Malory, literary critic in her 50ís living in England by Hazel Holt (see Senior Sleuths Mysteries)

Emily Andrew, tour guide for Iowans (Passport to Peril series) by Maddy Hunter
 1. Alpine for You 2. Top O' the Mournin'  3. G'day to Die
        Other titles in series

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