Curriculum Proposal

Please enter your organization's name. If you are not affiliated with an organization, simply type N/A.
If you do not have a website, simply type N/A.
Please suggest a title for your proposed class or event. This may be altered at the Library's discretion.
Please provide a description of the class or event or a brief outline of the course. This description may be edited and used to create online calendar listings and promotional materials.
Describe your target audience's age or other attributes. For example, is this for adults, teens, tweens, children, or people of all ages? Is this for individuals who are retired or for those getting ready for college? Etc.
Will this event take place at the Library or at an offsite location?
What is the maximum number of people your class or event supports?
How many sessions will this class or event require? For example, a four week course would be "4". A single event would be "1".
What are your preferred days and times to hold this class or event?
Will you require any equipment such as a digital projector, laptop, DVD player, or easel board? Please let us know.
What is the layout of the space you need?
How are you planning to help promote the class or event? Do you have any marketing venues or distribution lists?
If you will not be the person leading the class or event, please indicate the instructor's name.
What credentials make you or the instructor/facilitator qualified to lead this course?
Please provide the name, phone number, and email for three references (where you have previously lead a class or event). You may also provide references from professional or industry colleagues or faculty if you do not yet have classroom or instructional experience.
The library relies on the generous time and talent of volunteers and partners to provide quality education and enlightening experiences to the community. Occasionally, limited funds are available to compensate instructors or presenters. Do you require compensation?
If so, what is the minimum amount you would accept?
I understand that I must abide by the terms of use set forth in the Library's Meeting Spaces Policy. I agree to return any teaching space to its original state and assume financial responsibility for any damage to the space and its contents resulting from my activity. I understand that my contact details may be given to library patrons wishing further information about this event. I agree that if the Library incurs costs from securing program content, for example public performance rights, the partnering individual or organization may be asked to share those expenses. I understand that the Library may dissolve partnerships or cancel curriculum at any time for any reason.


Interested in partnering with the Library for a class or event? We welcome your proposal to teach a library-sponsored class or event that supports the Library's mission of education.

Partnerships for classes or events are approved based on the following guidelines:

  • Enhances the Library's role as an educational and cultural center for the community
  • Provides informational, historical, or cultural topics with unbiased instruction
  • Provides learning for various age groups, cultures, or interests
  • Provides beneficial services to the community
  • Recognizes and responds to current issues facing the community
  • Free and open to all, with exceptions at the Library's discretion

Library Responsibilities

  • Provide space for the class or event at no charge
  • Create promotional materials
  • Include the event in the Library's event calendar and general publicity efforts

Partner Responsibilities

  • Promote the class or event within your organization or other current avenues using library-created materials
  • Provide content approved by the Library
  • Provide any materials necessary for the class or event with exception at the Library's discretion
  • Provide the Library access to any materials (such as headshots or graphics) needed for publicity efforts