Fine Tuning Tuesdays

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Program Type: DIY & Crafting
Age: Adult

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Allowed Ages: 18+ to 18+

Make Tuesdays in June and July YOUR time to improve your life. Get expert advice on topics ranging from finances to health and more. Classes are free, but enrollment is required. Sign up using the form below or by calling 407-623-3300, ext. 3.

June 12: PNC Bank presents Financial Wellness tips

June 26: Car Care 101 

July 10: PNC Bank presents Financial Wellness Tips

July 24: You Are What You Eat: The Edwardian Challenge
With 5,000 calories a day, the Edwardian diet is sure to affect your health! Learn how restrictive clothing, caloric intake, and chemical reactions to multiple-course meals impacted the lives of upper middle-class families in the early 1900's. 

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